Venture into the Mandalay Bay where some of the world’s most amazing sea creatures call Las Vegas real estate home. Hidden among the hustle and bustle of the city, the Shark Reef Aquarium is a relaxing place to linger and unwind.

An impressive aquarium houses a variety of sharks, giant rays, fish, jellies, green sea turtles and more. Larger than life, amazing sea critters are awe inspiring to see. Brilliantly displayed in state of the art enclosures guests can meander through the shark tunnel viewing predators underwater. 

Swim with the Sharks on Las Vegas Property

Excitement on the Las Vegas property is added into excursions with animal encounters. Feeding programs get folks up close and personal. Experts offer educational insight into the animals and their care before activities start. Participants of the Stingray Feed are hands on, actually reaching into the touch pool to feed stingrays, ancient horseshoe crabs and a variety of fish, shrimp and krill. Giant green sea turtles are beloved by many but endangered all in all. Friends feeding these guys find themselves whisked above the huge Neptune’s Fury Shipwrecked exhibit to their feeding area. In the zone, turtles happily engage by accepting the food handed out.

Brave souls are drawn to shark encounters. Go behind the scenes to see these massive, elegant beasts. Shark Reef aquarists share the ins and outs of shark feedings. After witnessing the experts in action those in the group may actually be able to feed the sharks with a feeding tong. Experiences include admission to the entire aquarium and photographic keepsakes. If feeding the sharks just isn’t enough, true adventurers can get in the water. The Dive with Sharks program features a tour of the aquarium, equipment and a once in a lifetime experience of actually diving with sharks. Species swimming about the water with divers include white tip reef sharks, sand tigers and almost two dozen additional species!

Venture to the sea when in the Las Vegas real estate area. Tickets to the Shark Reef Aquarium can be purchased online, at the aquarium and at the Mandalay Bay box office.