Enjoying the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas real estate can leave a person hungry. With an overabundance of restaurants in the area, it’s hard to decide what to choose and where to go. As Lady Luck would have it, the experts are in town and willing to lend a hand. Secret Food Tours has made it their mission to seek out the finest cuisine internationally and then point it out to new found friends. They do the leg work leaving only the best of the best to recommend.

Secret Food Tours Las Vegas travels the world without leaving Las Vegas real estate. Strolling about the Strip, the menu features a variety of dishes from across the globe. Taste buds will be on a trip of a lifetime from the Yucatan Peninsula to Hawaii and various locales in between.

Get to Know Las Vegas Property Bite by Bite

There’s a jolly good time to be had in England. Venture into celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant to see what’s cooking. Next up journey to Italy where mouthwatering dishes await. Southern cooking from the states is filled with comfort and hospitality. Nearby Japanese cuisine offers an exotic appeal. Decadent desserts with a French feel end the tour in style. Upgraded adult drink packages earn enthusiastic toasts. Take a sneak peek at some of the food to be devoured here.

Guests of the tour learn more than just about where to eat. Guides are witty and charismatic. As local foodies familiar with Las Vegas property restaurants they definitely walk the walk and talk the talk. Those joining in will get to know intimacies about the city. Photo ops are added in throughout immortalizing memories of the excursion.

Tours last a bit over three hours and are set at a leisurely pace perfect for tummy stuffing and sightseeing. Groups are kept on the small side allowing for a more personal vibe. Comfortable attire is suggested including a light cover up in case it gets cool. Reservations can be made online.