Here are a several articles that sellers may find useful.

Selling Your Home

Seven High-Cost Mistakes To Avoid

If you are selling an above-average-price property in an upscale neighborhood, you know your home is unique. You expect an upscale property to be marketed with the same professionalism you demand in every aspect of your life. That’s where our experience selling homes like yours really pays off.
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Don’t Get stuck with Two Mortgages

It’s best, where possible, to put your home on the market early enough so that you won’t be caught in a two-mortgage situation.
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How much is your home Really Worth?

Setting a sales price for a home is a delicate balance. Price too high and the home won’t sell; too low and it won’t sell for what it’s worth. Of course, the sales price should be based on fair market value–what a knowledgeable buyer would pay and an informed seller would accept.
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SELL OR REMODEL: How To Get The Most For Your Money

Do the walls seem to be closing in on you? Are your cupboards and closets overflowing with stuff? Can you see more toys than flooring at your feet? If so, you need more space. And your choices are remodel your home, move to a larger one, or move to a home that you want to remodel.
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How to Package Your Home to Sell

After a full day of house hunting, even the hardiest shopper has difficulty remembering each home visited. A selling display featuring your property’s benefits is a great way to be sure your home stands out in the shopper’s memory. We’ve used the following marketing strategies to successfully sell many homes. They could work for you too!
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450 Ideas to Help your Home Sell FASTER

When you put your home up for sale, it is hard to objectively look at your surroundings. However, it is important
to remember that prospective buyers do not share your memories. They will see what is directly in front of them, minus the nostalgia!
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Moving With Your Children

How should you discuss moving with your kids? When is a good time to tell them? What sort of reactions can you expect?
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Moving With Your Pets

What is the best way to prepare your pets for a move?
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