Ever heard of the  3 “P” method used by some  agents?

  • Put it in MLS
  • Put up a sign
  • And…Pray!

Over the last 28 years I have developed a plan that works and I am constantly modifying this plan to changing market conditions. Here is a brief summary of our plan:

  1. Total Market Analysis
    I will provide a computerized market analysis of your property and I will make it a point to help you understand the “Total Market Analysis” which has to do with knowing the total inventory of homes currently on the market in relation to the number of homes currently pending sale. For example, if 356 homes are on the market and 42 are under contract, the ratio is 1:8. That is one buyer for every eight homes available. “Total Market Analysis” is an important concept when competition is keen!
  2. Pricing
    We then determine the price of your home.
  3. Salability Checklist
    My own formula for how to get your home sold… fast!
  4. Prepare the listing contract
    Clarify all correct information and answer any client concerns
  5. Preparations to sell
    Place Sign on property, lockbox, schedule photos, and prepare flyers and other marketing ideas
  6. Notify the “Top 120 Agents”
  7. Develop a website for your Property.
    That’s right your home will be assigned it’s own web address and a customized site promoting all the special features of your property will be prepared. Buyers will  have access to inquire about your home 24 hours a day, can view the floor plan, and view detailed maps of the location and the property site.
  8. We analyze the buyer profile for your home and work with data companies to “profile” and target candidates who would consider your property and design marketing materials for potential buyers
  9. Ads
    Our advertising features a large number of venues including: Review journal,  Homes of Southern Nevada, Hollywood Reporter, Chinese Weekly, Robb Report, to name a few. The type of property, price range and features will determine the venue
  10. Mailings
    We mail over 3000 pieces a month. These include Just SOLD, Just Listed flyers, and a number of other ideas to generate Buyer calls.
  11. Our Site
    Our site has the potential to reach over 40 MILLION people. ALL of our properties are featured on the web with pictures!
  12. Phone Calls
    Calls are made to sellers currently under contract that may be looking to move up to your home, and other hot demographics.
  13. Written updates
    I  email  updates to all sellers every  week.  We always keep you informed of any showings and make a real effort to keep you “positioned” to sell.
  14. Full Service Broker
    My wife and I are in this business full time. It is what I do to support my family and I don’t approach it half-heatedly.
  15. Office Networking
    Realty Executives Of Nevada includes over 200 full time agents that are experienced in the business all under the same owner with 3 offices locally.
  16. Exposure to all Local Realtors
    Your home will be posted in the Multiple Listing Service every day until sold!
  17. Pre-qualify Buyers
    So as not to waste your time and bring in only qualified candidates
  18. Negotiating Offers
    Present and discuss all offers with owners.
  19. Escrow Coordination
    Meeting appraisers, inspectors, termite inspectors, following up with all business with Title Company and anticipating what might go wrong!
  20. Finalize the sale
    Accompany you to closing and personally deliver you your check!