Las Vegas Luxury Condos

Back in 1998, two major developers introduced the concept of high rise condo living to Las Vegas. The projects were Turnberry Place by Turnberry Associates out of Florida and a joint effort by local developers called Park Towers. They both were a big success and started the buzz about high rise living in the entertainment capital of the world! However, between 2003 and 2006 the concept of high rise living just exploded with proposals for not only traditional high rise condos but also mid rise projects off the Strip, condo-hotel concepts, and New York style loft projects as well. Over 50 projects were talked about and proposed, but only those with the financial support were able to weather the storm of 2007 forward and actually be built . There is no doubt however, that the Manhattanization of Las Vegas is well under way.

You will find that the buildings that are currently out there tend to fall into one of two categories: condos or condo-hotels. The latter are rooms that, while owned privately, are leased out by a master management company that either resides in the building or in some cases is out-sourced by other management companies. The important factors to remember about condo hotels are the following; some have restrictions on the amount of time an owner can spend in the unit and thus remove it from the “rental pool”, some do not. Also, they can be very difficult to finance when purchasing and you will find most sell all cash. As one of our more knowledgeable consultants Richard Lee says “everybody wants a piece of Las Vegas.” The concept of coming into town on the spur of the moment knowing they have a first rate place to stay, fully furnished down to the linens, with world class facilities and then leave knowing the property can be leased out by an onsite management company is becoming very appealing. Right now many of the building built prior to 2007 are offering prices far below their original asking price and thus can be very good values!

Our goal in this website is to give you an overview of each project, sort out locations and types of projects, and point out what each has to offer. We have attempted to summarize each of the projects and will be happy to offer you more detailed information of any one that may be of interest. My wife Sheryl and I want to offer you an educated opinion of the projects, some insights as to the pros and cons of each, and some background on the people or “forces” behind the developers and the track record they have in Las Vegas. We have and can represent your interest on the purchase and negotiation of these units and continue to make our best effort to stay knowledgeable on the projects as they are announced. I have also provided active links to each project that represent real time active listings now available for sale in each complex. So let’s begin!

High Rise Profiles