Whether you’re looking for Las Vegas homes in one of many golf course communities or simply trying to find a Las Vegas home that suits your specific needs, finding real estate for sale can be a complicated process. Using a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) or Realtor® eliminates unnecessary hassles and eases the stress of buying real estate.


As a result of the foreclosure crisis that has hit Las Vegas and many other costs, housing has become much more affordable and government loans such as FHA and VA tend to “rule the day” in this market. Here is some good information on each:

FHA Loans

For information on loan limits for Clark county, how to calculate your down payment, closing costs, types of FHA loans and more.

VA Loans

For information on qualifying for a VA loan, VA Funding fee, closing costs, checklist for items needed by the vet.

My Procedure for assisting Buyers:

1) Setting up a meeting.

Our goal is to help you find the best property to suit your needs, in the least amount of time with the least amount of hassle and for the best price. Your input is essential. Too many times I have seen Realtors focus in on sales price alone, when in fact, it’s the monthly payment and initial downpayment that are strong concerns to most home buyers. We also need to discuss the difference between “wish lists” as opposed to “real needs.” My goal is to use the knowledge I’ve acquired to guide you through the reality of today’s market and ensure that you have the opportunity to see the best properties available within your means of affordability.

2) Pre-qualifying

Ever wonder how much home you can qualify for?

Do you think about owning versus renting?

Interested in calculating a monthly payment for that home you’re considering?

How about amortizing a 15 year payment?

Keep in mind that I have built up relationships with local lenders and can help save you money on your next loan, whether it be an investment, a primary residence, or a vacation home. The right choice of a lender can save you thousands!

3) Letter of approval from out of state Clients

Want to know one of the best ways to get a local seller to seriously consider your low offer? Have your broker bring a letter of approval from the underwriter into the offer presentation. It goes a long way to convince a local seller that the buyer from Smithfield, Rhode Island really is able to qualify and buy his/her home. The idea is to give you, the client, the edge.

4) Showings

Both my wife Sheryl and I get involved in the showing process. Sheryl specializes in the new home market. Believe me, it is a specialty in itself. With over 400 new home builders, each with 3 or 4 models to choose from, it doesn’t take long to get confused! Summerlin, Peccole Ranch, The Lakes, Green Valley, Master Planned areas, Custom home sites, areas with no fees, we can help you find it.

5) Negotiating the Offer

I have often felt that in Las Vegas, you make your money on the purchase, not the sale. Let me explain. There is a bit of confusion amongst many of the buyers arriving here from out of state. They hear our market is one of the centers in the country for foreclosures and read about how the values here have been drastically reduced since the boom of 2004. Subsequently, we are attracting many investors looking for returns on their money they cannot get in other markets today. We also are attracting first time buyers that were shut out of the market just a few years ago. Consequently, it is not at all uncommon to experience multiple offers on bank owned properties the week they are introduced to the market.

How do you get ahead in this atmosphere? I think there are several important issues:

  1. The ability to act fast on a good value
  2. Associate yourself with an agent the knows the market, and one that you can trust because you may have to take advice on a property (investment) sight unseen to win your bid, and investigate during diligence
  3. Making sure you are not over paying for problem homes
  4. Being prepared when an opportunity arrives. I cannot over emphasize the importance of having a pre-approval (not a prequalification) in writing for a loan with a local or national lender recognizable to national banks receiving your offer. Providing written proof of funds (whether it be down payment funds or proof of total purchase price when making cash offers).
  5. Understanding that “as-is” means just that, no repairs!

Negotiating doesn’t involve only price, it encompasses a knowledge of the seller’s situation and “hot buttons”, a knowledge of the potential of the neighborhood, your ability to show a seller that you are well qualified to buy now rather than 10 days into the escrow, and a thorough knowledge of the best financing available for your particular needs. I often see people haggle over $2,000 in a price war, yet think nothing of paying that or more out in loan fees to lenders that are not competitive.

6) Inspections

All About Inspections
I strongly recommend home inspections on all properties we sell, and lately we even recommend inspections on new homes. Why new homes? Because all new home builders provide a one year full warranty from the date of closing. You will perform a walk thru inspection with the builders representative, who will make a list of items that are not to your satisfaction and will be repaired. However, structural items may be faulty that you nor the representative will notice. Consequently, a qualified inspector can save you a lot of hassle in weeks to come if he represents you at the walk through. As for resales, I have a list of inspectors we provide to our clients who have been known to have the proper qualifications and who we have used successfully in the past. This is provided as a part of our buyer services.

7) Monitoring the escrow process

What is escrow?

In Las vegas, unlike many eastern states, it is not the custom for buyer and sellers to hire attorneys for closing. We have Title Companies in Las Vegas each of which provides an escrow service. For the most part, the Title Company and Escrow are under one roof. The fees which the Title and escrow charge are typically as follows:

Policy of Title Insurance – The seller is obligated to purchase a policy of title insurance so as to insure the new buyer there are no liens or encumbrances being transferred to the Buyer.

Escrow fee (1/2)- fee charged to act as a disinterested party, handle all funds, perform a preliminary title search, and handle the closing paperwork.

Reconveyance fee- this charge covers the cost of making sure your existing loan (or loans) are stamped as paid at the Clark County recorders office and sent overnight to the lien holder for payoff in full.

Alta rider policy (required of buyers lender)- This will insure that your lender will always be in first position with regard to the mortgage. If you are an all cash buyer, this will not be necessary.

Escrow fee(1/2)- The escrow officers duties entail a title search on the property as well as the purchaser, they handle all the funds, they act as a disinterested third party between buyer and seller, they handle all prorations with city taxes, sewer, homeowner associations, insurance and rents, they prepare final closing statements, they handle all the signing of documents (including your lenders loan documents), and they make sure all the proper documents and deeds are recorded at the appropriate city or county facility.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of follow up involved with escrow companies.

8) Follow up

A huge part of a smooth transaction is follow up. I’m referring to lender needs during the escrow with verifications of deposit, approvals, appraisers, home inspectors, termite inspectors, home warranties, repairs, walk through, and to make sure that all required contract agreements are met and complied with.

9) Closing

I accompany my clients to closing! I make sure to review the final worksheet, notify our client of how to file a homestead and provide a free homestead packet, check to see that the home warranty is placed into force, and the client receives all closing paperwork, hand delivered by me!