An Important Part of Buying a Home

There has never been a more important time to be sure to hire home inspectors than in our current market. With so many foreclosures and distressed properties, I highly recommend Property Inspections.

When? Typically we will make an offer” subject to “a buyers review of an inspectors report. The inspection is usually done within 10 days of an accepted offer. If there are defects discovered, the buyer can make an educated decision as to what the cost to correct those defects are and whether or not he wishes to move forward with the sale or move on to another property.

Who pays for the inspection? The Buyer. Why? Would you want the seller of the home you are buying to determine who does the inspection?

For some time now, Nevada has adopted a licensing procedure for home inspectors. Realty Executives provides perspective buyers with a list of inspectors that are licensed and a brief summary of their qualifications so you can make an educated choice of inspectors.