Think it Doesn’t Flood Here?

When you live in the desert the one thing you probably figure you won’t have to worry about is flooding…right? Well, not in Las Vegas. True, we don’t get much rain. However when it does rain for more than an hour or so, it can create havoc throughout the city. If you don’t believe me, check out some of the old photos of Caesars Palace parking lot! One of the most important questions you should ask before buying: Is the property located in a flood zone? New home builders are suppose to disclose this to all perspective buyers, but I’ve seen some who do not…that is until the day of closing when you are reading through your closing costs and come upon that flood insurance fee…OUCH!

The flood zones are clearly marked and one can receive confirmation in writing from the City of Las Vegas or Clark County by fax. I provide this service as a part of the contract when an offer is written AND we provide the written confirmation to my clients

Is you property in a 100 year flood zone? Check here!