We know many people need to know the value of one of their most important assets. Many considerations are included in an exact market value. If you would be so kind as to fill out the following form, I will personally use my 32 years of experience and the same sold, comparable properties that an appraiser would use to develop an “off site” evaluation of your home or investment property. All of the questions are not mandatory but would sure help in my research as I crunch the numbers for you. Please allow me 48 hours to get this work done during the business week. It may be a little longer if there is a holiday or weekend. I appreciate your confidence in my ability to price Vegas real estate! As always, do not worry about anyone coming to your home bothering you or your tenants. I provide this service for my clients and other interested parties because frankly, I love Vegas Real estate.

Your Valuation Form

Please understand this is not some computer coming up with some random number, I am a real person that will be working on this and I may need to call and ask questions. Based on my research I am usually within 5% of current market value. Market value does fluctuate based on the money market, the economy and something I like to refer to as the temperature of the market. I will take all of these current features into consideration.